BlueSpray firmware 2.0 is released

We are please to announce the release of firmware 2.0 today.   Version 2.0 is a major upgrade from 1.2.x.  The new firmware is designed for the newer controller 2.0, but is also backward compatible to the old controller.

Features added in 2.0 are:

1. Static IP address settings.  Please note the new tab called Networking.  This is where you’d set up networking settings for the controller.  You will have the option of assigning a fixed IP address instead of DHCP.

2. Delay between zones: if you pump water from a well and need to let the well water catch up, you can tell the controller to pause between zone runs.  Note that this is done at the program level to give you greater flexibility.

3. Delay after rain: You can tell the controller to automatically delay X number of days after the rain sensor is tripped (due to rain).  This feature is designed to comply with some of California’s water restriction rules.

4. Flow sensor support: If you have a flow sensor installed, purchase a BlueSpray Flow Sensor Reader to provide live flow reporting, leak detection with automatic shutoff.

5. Count down timer: You will be able to see how much time is left in a run for each zone.

6. Detailed system log and improve history chart: The controller logs every event and keeps the records for up to one year.  Water history report now also shows how much water has been used alongside with how long it watered.

7. Faster API: We improved API speed which results in faster page loading.

But the biggest difference between 1.2.x and 2.0 is that there is no more Standalone or Service or Internet mode.  We made it simpler by adding Discovery mode.  The Discovery mode is designed for local access.  In 2.0, when you slide the reset switch down, the controller will operate a hotspot with the name bluespray after the switch is down for 30 seconds.  You will be able to connect to the bluespray hotspot for local access, configure the controller, etc.  When done, just slide the switch back up and the hotspot will go away.

Please note that the controller’s IP address while in Discovery mode is, not any more.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact our support group at

2.0 is coming!

Sorry we haven’t updated the blogs lately.  We’ve been busy working on a new and improve BlueSpray controller.  This is a new design with different enclosure.  Some of the newer features are:

1. Built to be expandable.  Will support up to 64 zones.

2. Ethernet and USB port added (optional)

3. Flow sensor support.

4. Garage opener is included.  You don’t have to purchase the kit.  Just purchase your own door sensor.

The new controller is designed to be expandable.  We will add more expanded options later.

BTW, a new firmware will run in the new controller.  Since it’s our 2nd edition, the firmware will be named 2.0.  Don’t worry, it will be backward compatible with the old controller as well.


Coming soon.  Stay tuned.

BlueSpray firmware 1.2.1 is released

We are please to announce the release of firmware 1.2.1 today.  Mostly a bug fix release, 1.2.1 also sees some new features added such as:

1. Water Restriction compliance – for those who need to follow water restriction rules imposed by your local water municipal, we can help.  We’ve implemented for rules that water certain day(s) of the week by certain address number only.  We’ll add more as we encounter more.  If you have water restriction rule but you don’t see it listed, please contact our support group.

2. Variance scheduled run – if you need to do extra watering while following water restriction, you can specify a scheduled run as Variance in the “Active” field and the controller will run this schedule along side water restriction runs.

3. Master valve configurable by program – if you have a master valve, by default, it will turn on for every run.  But if you have the need for finer granularity, you can specify whether you want to turn it on or off for each program.  This is helpful for those who want to operate a pump but may have multiple water sources, and you may need to turn on a pump from one water source but not from another.  For those who need to turn on the pump by zone, you can do so by creating a program that runs those zones only.
If your controller’s firmware version is 1.2, go to Settings->Administration.  If the Update button (next to Latest Version) is active, just click on it.  If you have an older firmware version (1.1.x), you’d have to download the latest firmware from our support page to your computer then upload to the controller to update.

BlueSpray firmware 1.2 is officially here!

We’re excited to announce the official GA of our latest firmware version 1.2.  It is available for download from our support page:

Just click on latest firmware.

List of new features in 1.2:

1. Google map integration – you now can use google map directly in addition to hosting your own picture.  Just click on the wrench button on the lawn view.  Select Google Map, enter your home address.  Choose the view that is best for you by tilting/zooming (subject to availability from Google Map).  Click on “Save” and you’re done.

2.  Water in seconds – you now can water down to the seconds.  You can choose between minutes or seconds as unit.

3. Multiple HTTP/HTPS ports – some of our users can only do port mapping instead of port forwarding.  So we’ve added 1 more HTTP port (8000) and 1 HTTPS port (8443).  These are also configurable, so you can change them to any port number that you need.

4. One click firmware update – from now on, if there is a latest version of firmware available, just click on the Update button and the controller will download the latest firmware and update itself.

5. Weather settings now changed to Conserve – we’re planning on adding additional water conservation feature in addition to weather forecast.  Just stay tuned.

6. Embedded User Manual – the manual is included on the controller.  You don’t have to look for it.  You don’t have to download it from the internet.

Firmware version 1.2 is in beta

Firmware version 1.2 is almost done!  This is a major version which will include many cool features that we can’t wait to tell you.  Among major features are:

1. Google Map integration – in addition to default and your own lawn picture, you’ll have to ability to use Google Map of your property as the lawn background!

2. Water in seconds in addition to minutes – other controllers can only run minutes.  What if you just want to run a misting system for 30 seconds every 2 minutes?  You can now.

3. Multiple HTTP/HTTPS ports – some of our customers’ routers can only do port mapping instead of port forwarding.  We’ve got you covered.  BlueSpray now listens to 80, 8080 (HTTP), and 443, 8443 (HTTPS).

Coming soon!

Remotely access your BlueSpray controller from anywhere

You now can access your BlueSpray controller through our web site.   Here’s how:

1. Set up port forwarding from your controller to your router.  For more information on how to do this, please read the “Help” section on our support forum.

2. Set up fixed IP address for your controller.  You can do this from your router.  Procedures may vary.  Please consult your router’s manual for instructions.

3. Register your BlueSpray controller.  When you register your controller, you would have created an account on our web site.

4. Log onto your BlueSpray account with the credentials you created and you will be directed to an access page.  Simply choose the protocol (http/https) and port that you have forwarded to your router and click on the arrow on the right.  You should be able to access your controller without using DynDNS or knowing your router’s IP address.

You can save the protocol and port number info so that the next time you don’t have to do it again.

Firmware version 1.1 is out

We are please to announce the general release of BlueSpray firmware version 1.1.

This firmware version fixes a few bugs in version 1.0 and introduces a few features which we’ve gathered from user input and feedback from the IA show.  Among the new features are:

1. Calendar view: you can use the calendar view to see future runs.  This is a very useful tool to see how your programs will run.  You can also cancel future runs.

2. Watering order by zones: you now can specify the order of which zones to run. No need to re-connect the wires at the controller.

3. One click watering: water a zone is easier than ever.  Just click (or tab on tablet) on a zone and water.  We have video of a 5 year-old using BlueSpray to water the lawn!

4. Zone text color: if the name of the zone blends into your property picture, you can change the color.

5. Phone UI: the phone interface now works.  Just use your phone’s browser to access your controller.

6. Effective date: you can set the date the program/start time begins to take effective.  This is very useful for those folks who have water restriction that allows them to water every 2 Tuesday, etc.  Setting the effective date to a Tuesday and repeat every 13 days will help you comply.

Please update your firmware.  Just go to out support page and click on latest firmware.

BlueSpray at the Irrigation Association Tradeshow

We’ve made a splash the the 2013 Irrigation Association (IA) Tradeshow!

Despite being the little guy among giants such as Toro, Rainbird, and Irritrol, we had tons of visitors coming to our booth to check us out.  Everyone was impressed with our demo.  We had folks from all over the country and abroad who were interested in our product.  Even executives from the big manufacturers came to check us out.  Maybe they realize that this is the future of irrigation.

We seemed to have drawn the most attention.  We always had a crowd, hardly had any break during the 2 day show!

Where’s the app?

We have many users asking for app download.  We don’t have any app.  Actually, we don’t need any app.  You can access and control BlueSpray with your tablet or phone’s browser.  It works just like an app without the hassle of installing one!

We’ve made a conscious decision to go app-free.  Why you ask?  Well, we figure the average phone owner replaces his/her phone every 2 years.  When he/she passes on the phone (probably selling it on craigslist), most don’t bother resetting the phone.  And then you’d have to install the app on the new phone again.  It’s a hassle and a liability problem.

We don’t want you to have to worry about another app in addition to the other 50 apps that you already have on your phone.  Just use your browser!

BTW, we will be at the 2013 Irrigation Association Tradeshow in Austin on November 5-6!  Please do come to our booth and check us out.

BlueSpray is available at Metro Irrigation

We’re excited to announce that Metro Irrigation, a major Irrigation Distributor in Texas with stores in the Dallas-Forthworth, Austin, and East Texas areas has agreed to carry BlueSpray controller.

This is a key strategic partnership for Metro Irrigation and BlueSpray that allows BlueSpray to reach the irrigation professionals and home owners.

We will continue to seek distribution channels.  If you are a distributor and would like to carry BlueSpray controller, please contact us at